The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu


Bring to mind all of your health and fitness knowledge, and forget it. I need you to scrap preconceived notions and self-destructive thoughts, because you are not alone. I used to have the same thoughts over and over again.

“How did I get here?”

“Why can’t I lose the weight?”

“Why did I gain all the weight back?”

“Why do I hate myself?”

I used to believe that no one could tell me how to lose weight, because I knew what to do. Of course, I was referring to years of experience with rapid weight loss, all the while ignoring the fact that each successful weight loss was accompanied by a more considerable weight gain in the near future. And the raw numbers proved that I wasn’t alone. The “bro-science” subscriptions, body cleanse beliefs, and “shock-to-see-results” mentalities simply don’t work.

Research studies show that only 30% of people that have a weight loss goal actually obtain it, but only 5% of those people will keep it off for 5 years. To translate that into real world numbers, only 1 out of every 100 people will be successful long term.

If you’re asking yourself “how” or “why,” here is the harsh truth:

There are no gimmicks. There isn’t a magic pill or shake, and there aren’t any new exercises that will radically change you in one month. When people find out that I’m an Exercise Physiologist, they ask me for the “secrets,” but I give them all the same answer.

There are no secrets.

Take a moment if you need, because I want you to absorb this. There are no secrets that personal trainers keep to themselves, and the mere existence of that idea only proves that the industry needs an overhaul.

The 5 in 5 club is designed to be the beacon of truth in a sea of weight-loss schemes. In a world where personal trainers can be certified online, and markets are flooded with “experts” that lack education and experience, the people that most desperately need weight loss assistance are the ones that get the worst information. Anyone can tell a client to eat less and move more, or load up on supplements, but that type of advice lacks a sturdy scientific foundation as well as a person-oriented approach. It doesn’t work for 95% of people.

Successful weight loss is about minor changes over long periods of time, that lead to amazing results. The 5 in 5 club is about giving you the tools to be successful.

So here are the new numbers to remember.

I want you to be a part of the 5% that keeps the weight off, and I’m never going to ask you to work out for more than 5% of your day.

Welcome to the 5 in 5 club. We are glad to have you!