Kayla S.


I've been working with Paul for the past year. His workouts are dynamic, fun and challenging, but best of all - they actually WORK! During each workout, Paul does an amazing job not only making sure that I'm getting the most out of each movement, but actually educating me in respect to my physiology... WHY we are doing a particular movement, and how it relates to my specific goals. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a friendly and knowledgeable fitness partner. - Kayla


When I met Paul in 2014 I was 388 pounds. Paul has an incredible knowledge base when it comes to both exercise and the barriers that we create to prevent ourselves from successfully losing weight. Paul quickly realized that although I had the basic concept of what a healthy lifestyle was supposed to be, I still needed help "connecting the dots". He didn’t offer a strict diet plan or recommend endless hours of working out as other people had. Instead Paul supported me in reformatting my lifestyle. Most importantly all along my journey Paul illuminated the path. When I faced mental or physical barriers he talked me through them. With his knowledge and guidance, I lost 176 pounds in two years. I can say without exaggeration that Paul saved my life. - Eric


Eric N.


Agata K.
Financial Analyst


I have worked out with Paul for over a year now and he is by far the best trainer I have had. He motivates me and pushes me beyond my limits. He knows how to create workout routines based on the goals I have set for myself. He also stresses the importance of proper nutrition and is able to provide guidance with meal planning. He truly cares about his clients. Even when I had to take a break from training, he kept in touch with me and ensured I was still actively going to the gym. On top of it all training with Paul is FUN. I never feel like I am working out but hanging out with a friend he makes me sweat A LOT!!! - Agata


Paul is an awesome trainer.  His tough yet motivating approach helps to get through the work out.  He is cognizant of restrictions and compassionate when he can tell your off your game.  Paul is extremely knowledgeable in his field and helps educate throughout the workout rather than just give directions. Finally, Paul does a great job mixing up the workouts to keep it fresh.  I would highly recommend Paul as a personal trainer. - Audrey

Audrey B.
Senior Operations Manager