What's a typical training session?

Training sessions last approximately 50 minutes. Sessions are tailored to a specific client and their goals. This may include a dynamic warm up, foam rolling and/or proper stretching, resistance and cardiovascular training, along with a  cool down.

What type of activities will I be doing?

Again each session is geared to the goals of the individualized client. We utilize many modalities to achieve optimal results. Currently some of our favorite tools are: Kettlebells, Free Weights, Peripheral Heart Action Training, High Intensity Intervals, TRX, and Kickboxing.


Solo Training

(Paid Prior to Training)

1 session - $75

10 sessions - $600

20 sessions - $1000

**50 Minutes**

Monthly Packages

Monthly Packages are a cost effective way to purchase training on an ongoing basis. There are no contracts and you may cancel at any time. Included in each plan is a reassessment scheduled each month outside of the normal sessions. Important fitness and health measurements are taken, goals are discussed, and programing is prescribed.

Group Pricing

(Small Group of 2-3)

1 session - $85

10 sessions - $700

20 sessions - $1200

**50 Minutes**

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